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Point-of-Care Diagnostics

We see the greatest hurdle to widespread access of medical diagnostics is its dependency on complex machines that are very expensive and require dedicated facilities with highly trained technical staff. The current global diagnostics industry's greatest scientific challenge, is to create a disposable, handheld, and universal diagnostics platform, capable of using existing reagents of any type, in a rapid quantitative multi-parameter testing platform which seamlessly connects to mHealth applications and other wireless infrastructure. To overcome this seemingly insurmountable hurdle our nano-technology development team has been developing the world's first universal handheld mobile diagnostics platform. As of March, 2016 our elite team of scientists and engineers from around the world have developed the world's first, universal reagent diagnostic platform capable of running optical based reagents in an electronic sensing device. Our new revolutionary technology platform features the use of disposable single-step cartridges, label-free measurement of multiple tests simultaneously (next ver. over 1000), transmitting results directly to any smartphone or device via Bluetooth and supports nearly every type of reagent, providing results within minutes and is able to use whole blood directly from a patients finger. Our detection sensitivity in comparison to the existing systems used at modern laboratories is thousands of times more sensitive, detecting concentrations as low as femto-molar!

Our diagnostic platform eliminates the need for expensive facilities and complex laboratory procedures by offering the same diagnostic capabilities in a handheld, portable device using disposable all-in-one label-free diagnostic sensors and delivering the entire hospital laboratory's capability in the palm of your hand and results within minutes.