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About us

RAM Group (RG or the Company) has developed a disruptive cross-industry Sensor Technology Platform, synergizing leading-edge technology with our most advanced knowledge in crystalline semiconductors, material science, nanocircuitry, atomic engineering of materials, and nano-fabrication together representing the greatest achievement of the 21st Century in sensing technology. As technology innovators, we manipulate and transform the smallest building blocks of our universe to breakdown invisible barriers and discover hidden insights to the greatest mysteries of Nature and our Physical Universe. We are Company unified in the continuous pursuit to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through our technology which will enable borderless ‘Open Data’, the unrestricted digital access to Medical, Fitness, Wellness, Environmental, Industrial, Defense, and Security information by anyone in the global community.

We are a multi-national start-up company and industry leader in development and product manufacturing of super-transducing micro-sensors (Sensortronics). Our leading-edge Sensortronic devices represent the greatest revolution in the field of ultra-sensitive low power sensors and signal modulation devices in the past 40 years, and is the biggest breakthrough in electronic devices since the invention of the Hard Disk. Ram Group was founded as a Spin-Out Company coming out of “Ram Group Open Innovation Labs (RAMOIL)” which was formed in 2010 by our Founder and CEO Ayal Ram. RAMOIL was an international scientific collaboration of Singaporean, Israeli, German scientists and researchers which came together in an open innovation environment to focus on applied strategies and approaches to develop next-generation 2-Dimensional materials for use in novel sensor devices and development of new types of Single-Point, Non-Invasive and Contactless sensing platforms as well as unique Point-of-Care Diagnostic sensing devices.

Since 2010 and 2015, the RAMOIL team successfully developed a disruptive technology that integrates all current sensing (transducing) principles and fields into one unified device, referred to as System of Chip (SoC). This revolutionary SoC sensor enables for the first time, an ultra-precise and ultra-sensitive electronic digital readout of the smallest shifts in electric, optic, magnetic, piezo/acoustic, plasmonic, and surface-state fields, and provides new and exciting insights into the smallest hidden building blocks of our universe.

Ram Group combines all the staff and R&D teams established in Ram Group Open Innovation Labs under one Corporate entity with acclaimed innovation leadership in Nano-Engineering of Functional Semiconductor Materials, Nano-Fabrication, Nanocircuitry and profound Bio-Engineering, Software and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) expertise, combined with our industry veterans of over 40 years in Bio-Chemistry functionalization and surface modification of next-gen materials makes our Company uniquely equipped within the global High-Tech/Bio-Tech industries.

Ram Group Core Value Proposition Illustrated Below: