Who We Are

Ayal Ram,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ram is an Israeli (Singaporean) entrepreneur with over fifteen years of global experience with high-tech, financial-tech, med-tech and bio-technology companies and founded several technology-based companies in the medical device, diagnostics and information-technology industries. Mr. Ram has been directly involved in the management, structuring, technology product development and commercialization of several international technology companies, as well as effectively executing multiple exit strategies and selling two companies through a private buyout by his partners. Ayal has extensive background in computer science and physics with a focus on the development and commercialization of nano-technologies specializing in nano-transducers and actuators for sensing products and applications. Mr. Ram is the inventor of several of the proprietary technologies used by RAM Group's portfolio companies.

Dr. Jody Ranck,
Executive Vice President of Strategy

Dr. Ranck has over twenty-five years of global experience in healthcare, working with commercial and non-commercial organizations and trade groups. Dr. Ranck has authored many relevant publications, including the GigaOM research report "Platform wars for the quantified self" and a leading digital health book, "Connected Health: How Mobiles, Cloud and Big Data will Reinvent Healthcare." Dr. Ranck holds a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in Health Policy and Administration, an MA in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, and a BA in Biology (Molecular Biology) from Ithaca College. Dr. Ranck continues to serve as a senior advisor to several of the largest US and Multi-National semi-conductor and healthcare companies.

Luke Saban,
Executive Vice President of Finance

Mr. Saban has over twenty-five years' experience in finance and general management positions, including tenures at Price Waterhouse and AlliedSignal, Inc. (now Honeywell International). Mr. Saban served as the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of Peregrine Midstream Partners, LLC. Additionally Mr. Saban served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of WorkingRx, Inc. In 2008 Mr. Saban served as Chief Financial Officer of Falcon Gas Storage Company, Inc. until July 2009. In addition to his vast experience in executive finance positions, Mr. Saban also served as Chief Financial Officer of a private equity backed healthcare technology company extending his experience and knowledge across many industry sectors including venture capital, energy, e-commerce and healthcare. Mr. Saban experience includes financial leadership for two of the four operating divisions of Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and served as Chief Operating Officer for eBreviate, Inc. Mr. Saban continues to serve as a member of the Board of Directors at Mountain View Bank of Commerce as well as a Member of the Advisory Board at InMage Systems, Inc. Mr. Saban is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated from Pepperdine University.

Ove V. Solesvik,
Executive Vice President of Science

Mr. Solesvik joined Ram Group as its Executive Vice President of Science. Mr. Solesvik joined the company with an extensive international career within life science, comprising more than twenty-five years of management experience from both the public and private sectors. Previous positions include Managing Director at Berkeley Heart Europe AS, President of Medinnova SF, President and Vice President R&D of Pharmacia Biotech AS, Technology Attaché and Station Manager at Innovation Norway, Boston office, as well as Life Science Coordinator at Innovation Norway HQ. Mr. Solesvik also held several research and managerial positions at Hafslund Nykomed AS, and spent three years as visiting scientist at National Cancer Institute, Frederick MD, USA. Mr. Solesvik holds a MSc in biophysics from the University of Trondheim and education from advanced international management programs. Mr. Solesvik is the author of several scientific publications in human health, cardiovascular disease and cancer tumour growth delay.

Dr. Amir Lichtenstein,
Director of Product Development and Innovation

Dr. Lichtenstein is an interdisciplinary scientist specializing in the integration and productizing of nano-electronics & nano-photonics sensors and actuators for industrial and healthcare products and applications. Dr. Lichtenstein specializes in the combinatorial use of sensors for the detection and quantification of molecule or analyte species, antenna based ultrasound spectroscopy of liquids, nano particles for the opto-electric detection of enzymes ubiquitous to cancer cells. Dr. Lichtenstein formal education includes applied mathematics (IIT) and biology from the Tel-Aviv University, and received his MsC, PhD and post-doctorate fellowships in biophysics, bioelectronics and surface chemistry from the Tel-Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Weizmann Institute. Dr. Lichtenstein co-authored over 30 patents and published more than 20 peer reviewed articles in leading scientific journals including "Nature Communications", "Angewandte Chemie", "Nanoletters", "Nature Biotechnology" and "JACS". Dr. Lichtenstein served in several executive positions in international bio-tech and med-tech companies including Chief Technology Officer of Physical Logic AG, Chief Technology Officer of Sienna Biotech International and Technology Director at the Ludwig Cancer Institute at Sydney University.