Who We Are

Our History

In 2015, Ayal Ram founded Ram Group as a spin-out of the “Ram Group Open Innovation Labs Initiative”. However, the journey leading up to the formation of Ram Group began long before in 2003. Mr. Ram whom himself suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer which nearly ended his life prematurely. Realizing that his disease and 80% of today’s chronic diseases from which millions of patients around the world suffer are preventable and unnecessary. More alarming than cancer attacking his lymph system was that the disease could have been prevented if there had been a routine screening platform accessible in the months and year leading up to the disease onset. The further realization in the lack of efficient screening technologies became evident to Mr. Ram when he had a full check-up including blood and DNA testing at one of the leading US hospitals six months before the clinical diagnosis of the cancerous tumor. The fact was, the leading medical screening technologies had failed to detect the presence of the disease early on, missing the tumor that grew to the size of a softball in Mr. Ram’s chest. As a result, Mr. Ram spent over a year as a live in-patient in the hospital and twelve months of chemotherapy and six months of radiation therapy.

Mr. Ram personally experiencing the limitations of current health technologies understood the significant and unmet need that existed within the global healthcare community for new innovative technologies capable of detecting similar types of chronic diseases early on as well as monitoring various health conditions in a continuous and non-invasive method. What was clear to Mr. Ram was that a weak link existed in ALL diagnostics devices/technologies, and it was evident to Mr. Ram that the critical issue was the quality of the sensor technology employed by the entire medical industry. Focusing on the sensors used for measuring the many physical parameters in healthcare applications, Mr. Ram quickly realized that the entire diagnostics healthcare industry was based on sensing technologies that dated back almost four decades. During which time the sensing technologies at the heart of all diagnostic devices had been recycled over and over with subtle improvements, but are fundamentally based on the technology developed in the late 70s and early 80s.

Mr. Ram with a rich technical background, having studied in the US and at the MAMRAM - Computer Science Academy of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), began his long journey to identify and innovate new materials, designs, and fabrication techniques together with an international team of acclaimed scientists. In 2010, Ayal Ram our founder and CEO, founded the “Ram Group Open Innovation Lab Initiative” (RAMOILI) in which scientists and researchers from all fields and backgrounds were brought together for one singular purpose of completely rethinking today’s underlying technology powering sensors. Ram Group recognizes that sensors are at the center of all healthcare and industrial monitoring process. These sensors are the creators of data and provide the critical information on which over 80% of all healthcare decision are based on, and are the essential tools for monitoring and testing industrial processes. It was this need for life-saving innovation which fueled Mr. Ram’s mission and calling to officially form Ram Group "commercial initiatives" in 2015, bringing together an international team of the world’s leading scientist, researchers, and engineers who were the core team carried over from the “Ram Group Open Innovation Lab Initiative.” Together they developed and realized new disruptive Sensing Technology Platforms that are changing and redefining today’s Global Healthcare Landscape, and are now able to avert millions of premature deaths and help promote a better quality of life for millions more.

Ram Group has now grown from a small innovation lab into a cutting-edge organization focused on the realization of disruptive leading-edge sensor technology solutions with development facilities in Singapore, Israel, and Germany and an international team of business executives who promote and market our products and technologies in the global marketplace. Ram Group has formed special purpose subsidiary commercial companies to commercialize and monetize specific applications from Ram Group’s technology portfolio.