Who We Are

Dr. Roman Vitushinsky,
Advanced Sensor Development and Fabrication Manager
Dr. Jessica Law,
Diagnostic Platforms Manager
M. Sc. Thanh Chien Nguyen,
Electronics Engineering and Firmware
Dr. Xuan Thang Vu,
Sensor Development and Fabrication
M. Sc. Miriam Schwartz,
Biochemistry and Pharmacology
M. Eng. Jannick Wilhelm,
Sensor Modelling, Fluidics and Data Analysis
M. Eng. Achim Müller,
Fabrication and Process Optimization
M. Eng. Gideon Kapan
Electro Acoustic Integrated Systems
Markus Klotz,
Animal, Cells and Tissue Clinical Diagnostic Testing
M. Sc. Felix Hempel,
Sensor Chip Packaging and Chip Characterization
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Walid-Madhat Munief,
Bio/Chemical Surface Modification and Analyzation

RAM Group Communication

M. Sc. Michael Kloppenborg,
Software Products and Mobile Platforms
M. Sc. Sandra Löwig,
Software Products and Mobile Platforms
Caroline Miller,
Mobile App GUI Design
Hannah Kruck,
Mobile App GUI Design