• Sensor Revolution
    Applied research and development, integration and prototyping, intellectual property, manufacturing, clinical trials and monetization - Disruptive sensor technologies driven by our seven pillars of excellence.
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  • Building For Success
    From identifying a technology and its ideal product strategy to executing the most strategic exit option, our process empowers every phase of development.
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  • Meet Our Team
    With diverse backgrounds and domains of expertise, what unites our team is their passion for creating companies and technologies that will impact people on an individual basis.
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  • Creating Next-Gen Experiences
    We are re-engineering hundreds of physician processes and tests into a radically simplified, fast, and easy "express mobile clinic" experience.
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Our Global Innovation Infrastructure
Our in-house R&D and Innovation facilities include best-in-class nano-fabrication cleanrooms, biology and chemistry labs, and many other development facilities in Singapore, Germany, and Israel.
Our Global Innovation Infrastructure
  • Our Open Innovation Center
    Over the past six years we have built-up our in-house R&D and Innovation centers to include best-in-class nano-fabrication cleanrooms, biology and chemistry labs, and many other leading-edge facilities in Singapore, Germany, and Israel. Learn more
  • Our Renown R&D Centers
    We have 2 Research and Development facilities located in Germany and Israel with full-time researchers, scientists, and engineers. Learn more
  • Regulatory Management
    Through our partner collaboration we manage regulatory affairs for product registration service that streamlines, simplifies, and expedites the approval process for all types of MedTech devices. Our GCP/GLP trained staff seamlessly integrate with our companies go-to-market strategy and gives us full control of our regulatory submissions worldwide. Learn more
  • Our Wafer Production Facilities
    Our proprietary wafer production partner's facilities in Belgium give us access to in-house mass production of our proprietary functional material wafers, this new class of next-gen semi-conductor wafers are used to fabricate all of our revolutionary and world-leading sensors and devices. Learn more
  • Our In-House IP Development
  • Corporate Offices
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Redefining Sensing Innovation
More than simply adding convenience to life, innovation is identifying people's individual needs and creating technologies that meet them.
Redefining Sensing Innovation
Our Solutions
Our development methods begin with a simple question: "What unmet market need or daily problem can we solve with our technology?"
Our Solutions