Our Process

The Ram Group Model


We examine the technology innovations created by our network of researchers and developers as well as innovations outside our network identified by our group as having potential and select those meeting the following criteria: able to be monetized within 12 - 24 months, associated with a product or service industry that has a large enough market size, and able to be properly protected through patents. We also identify technologies which can be leveraged with existing technologies in our portfolio; this enables us to cross-fertilize and integrate them into solutions with a much larger impact than they could have individually.


We develop individual technologies into market-ready products through our infrastructure of industry experts. Our team builds a patent portfolio, chooses the technology applications that will have the highest impact, forms a market entry strategy, completes clinical trials and regulatory processes, and establishes manufacturing and fabrication processes. With each of these facets in place and our technology innovations developed into fully-functioning prototypes, we are prepared to complete a successful exit.


We exit our technologies through either licensing or launching a special purpose company (SPC). Our SPCs have the option to launch independently or to form strategic partnerships, whichever they deem best. During the development of our technologies, we analyze the exit options and formulate business plan models for each scenario - licensing, joint venture or independent launch. Our ability to choose an exit strategy specifically for each technology allows us the most beneficial exit for each technology we develop.
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