Who We Are

Our values

Our Corporate Values Are Based on the Model of Leadership In Key Categories Defined by Our Target Customers
Category Leadership starts with a deep understanding of the markets in which we compete. A category is not just a product or technology platform, nor is it a function of how we happen to be organize our Company. Rather, a category is a group of products that are bought using a common purchasing process managed by common stakeholders. These products serve a defined set of end users and often exist within a common competitive set.

Ram Group has identified six Corporate Values with which we define and create our Technologies and Products. These values are the foundation that enable our products to compete within different product categories in Healthcare and Industrial Testing, and enjoy a series of benefits that followers within that category cannot match:
Feet on the Street.
With more feet on the street through our strategic partnerships in target regions and better brand recognition, we produce a deeper clinical expertise and more relevant products to the consumers of individual market regions, our sales, marketing and medical education teams can reach more physicians and patients with our novel and disruptive products. Because of the depth we invest into customizing our products to the needs of specific regions, the boost the potential of our products to gain higher account densities per region and higher share of wallet within accounts.
Deeper Customer Insights.
Being category leaders we strive to know the smallest details about the needs of the physicians and patients who use our products. Our market research teams work directly with end-users gaining insight into the perspectives of other key stakeholders, including nurses, technicians, materials managers, procurement professionals and service line administrators. Our product development teams know which products and features are in greatest demand, and how those products impact healthcare economics. This knowledge helps us optimize our innovation efforts to provide value-based-care.
Commercial Clout.
As industry leaders in our key product categories we have the customer knowledge and commercial clout to reshape the categories in which we compete, by introducing new business models such as value-added services and alternative pricing models. Compared with industry leaders in consumer electronics or industrial goods, our business models are much more agile than most med-tech companies to embrace disruptive innovations, and are well positioned to lead the charge.
Bidding Power.
Our international best-in-class Business Innovation Team have been active contributors throughout our product development life-cycle and are a key component of Ram Group's value-chain. Our Business Innovation Team leaders have extensive product depth, and are better positioned within each of our target industries to to compete for category-specific requests for proposal (RFPs) and tenders, which are increasingly limited to a few top players in each product category.
Innovation and Value Based M&A Advantage.
Our Category Specific business subsidiaries are commercializing the most advanced and leading-edge technologies in the world. Many of our products and product categories are the world's first of their kind introducing never before features and applications that have created whole new Product Categories. Our business development executives have the market advantage of having a portfolio which includes some of the most exciting and disruptive products in the Healthcare and Industrial Testing/Monitoring global markets. Top industry players will pay a premium for these assets because we have more value-based platforms which have been uniquely customized for each of our Category Based Commercial Subsidiaries (CBCS), and each of our CBCS have better insight into what new technologies will resonate with their customers. This core value and fundamental belief that all commercial spin-off companies within Ram Group are to be based on our deep insight of each Product Category and on our value proposition to our end-users. This innovation and value based advantage uniquely position each of our Category Based Commercial Subsidiary to be the next big and exciting Bio-Tech/Med-Tech IPO.
Bigger and Better Data.
We firmly believe in the value of Bigger and Better Data to provide the foundation upon which our products are to be proven and established. We use our superior ability to aggregate data in support of efficacy claims, which is a nascent but growing customer need. As private and public payers increasingly seek data to prove clinical and economic outcomes, as category leaders we benefit because our technology platforms enable us to have richer and longer data sets at our disposal. While such values are only beginning, to be adopted by med-tech Companies, but in Ram Group, quality data analysis is an important differentiator for our Category Based Commercial Subsidiaries.