Who We Are


We are dedicated to assisting our in-house innovators with identifying what market-relevance their technology has and taking that technology on a journey from the lab to the individual.

RAM Group believes that the best atmosphere for researchers and developers is one that focuses on the end goal, one that includes a market-relevant product and not just a technology with no real application. We encourage each innovator working at the Ram Group Innovation Centers in Singapore, Germany, and Israel to create with the end-user in mind, and we provide the necessary cross-fertilization and technology integration to transform technologies from mere technologies into real-world product solutions.

Our team of industry specialists provides design, financial, legal, regulatory, manufacturing, and strategy support to mature specific technologies and enhance their value. With an established infrastructure in place, RAM Group has the ability to accept technology at the point of innovation, incorporate it into our portfolio and mature the technology for non-traditional exits that will provide a substantial return on investment. We are focused on inspiring innovators to develop technology with market applicability and "wealth" creation capabilities, knowing that together, we can create technology that change people's lives.